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Cold Pressed juice refers to the use of a hydraulic press to extract juice form produce as opposed to the regular centrifugal juicers. This press creates a longer shelf life in the bottled juices. Cold-pressed develops the highest juice yield with the highest nutrient content that can come out of fruits and vegetables. Having the juice pressed with hydraulic pressure rather than heat preserves the juices real nutrients! 

What are the benefits of cleansing?

All of these benefits help your body absorb the nutrients that it needs in order to better function day to day!

Rests & Detoxes The Body: Cali Cleanse gives your body a break from solid foods. During a juice cleanse, your digestive system, don’t work as hard to break down food. Organs, such as your kidney, don’t have to work as hard to eliminate harmful toxins. During the cleanse this gives your body and organs time to heal. After one of our cleanses your organs will be more rested and repaired than they were before! A one day cleanse can get you up to 15 pounds of fruits and vegetables! Yes, you heard right! With all the fresh produce that you are intaking in your diet your body is going through an intense detoxification!

Inflammation/Back Pain & Menstrual Cramps: Cleanses provide an insane amounts of antioxidants along with nutrients! This aids the body in reducing inflammation which can heal a numerous amount of things, including back pain and period cramps in women.

Hydrates: Cleanses can restore a great amount of hydration back into the body, especially when combining with the right amount of water during the juice fast. With the body getting better hydration, you will get less headaches, less muscle pains and better blood circulation.

Aids in Sleep: Because cleanses give the body an opportunity of rest from digesting and removingtoxins, it helps the body be less lethargic. The more the body rests the more energetic you will be, especially the next morning after your cleanse!

Weight loss: Cleanses can help you lose weight short-term. During a cleanse, you’re taking in far fewer calories than you would normally and contain less fluid retention. We suggest cleansing before kickstarted a weight loss journey! If a person becomes consistent in cleansing it can relieve unhealthy cravings.

Give you Energy and Boosts Mood: Cleanses are a good way to balance the body’s hormones. When the body is stressed, it releases cortisol, which produces a response. Cleanses allow the body to release toxic stress hormones which help handle stress better, and we can experience a happier mood with less anxiety.

Clearer skin: Detoxing and allowing the body to rest will also give your body a chance to fight off bacteria that causes acne!

Helps Immunity: Taking in all these fruits and vegetables from the cleanse can give you so many nutrients that you normally do not get in your day to day eating. With all the toxins leaving the body this allows the right kind of nutrients to be absorbed. The removal of toxins helps aid in the body’s immunities and viral fighting qualities.

Debloats & Bowel Regulation: Cali Cleanses can greatly create a more consistent and regulated bowel movement. Cleanses are known to relax the digestive tract and create less constipation. There are also studies shown to reduce chances of certain colonic cancers if cleansing regularly.

What is HPP?

Common juices products go through a pasteurization process to keep foods fresher and safer longer. High-pressure processing, or HPP, is a USDA-approved food safety procedure and a form of pasteurization that doesn’t use heat, additives or preservatives. During HPP, high amounts of pressure are delivered to the food product to render the pathogenic microorganisms, like mold spores, viruses, and bacteria, inactive so they can’t cause foodborne illness. Cali Shake’s cold-pressed juices are intended to deliver as much nutrition as possible, we don’t use HPP or any other pasteurization method that will alter the nutrition of our product. This means that our juices are meant to be consumed within a certain time frame for the best nutrition intake. You shouldn’t drink our juice products past their shelf life because they haven’t undergone the necessary food-safety procedures for long-term preservation. We believe in producing the freshest items as much as possible so we juice 3 times a week in our cold press juicer to ensure we have the newest juices ready for grabs!

What should I do the day of cleansing?

  • Drink all juices about 2 ½ hours apart.
  • Drink PLENTY of water during the cleanse, about 8oz after every juice
  • If you are starving and really think you can’t make it through… don’t blow it! Have a handful of unsalted, organic nuts, or a small leafy green salad to hold you off
  • Save the shots for the end of the day as they are created to really finalize the cleanse your body is currently going through!
  • Use this time for self-care and do something that put a smile on your face or makes you feel happy
  • Have a cleansing partner! Someone who can share accountability with you and make sure you go all the way through with it to the best of your ability!

Can I drink caffeine while cleansing?

If you are already a coffee (or tea) drinker, it is okay to continue to drink organic, black coffee (or tea) during your cleanse. As long as no milks or added sugars are put into it. Coffee and tea are not so much affected in the blood stream, as long as you are staying hydrated and drinking the juices every couple hours you should be just fine!

Can I exercise while cleansing?

If you consistently workout then it is okay to do a light workout. Go for a bike ride, a walk, a light run, just do not over do it! The body is resting during a cleanse so if you feel a little off just give yourself a break.

What are the side effects of cleansing?

  • Hunger and Cravings
  • Frequent bathroom visits

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid cleanses. Since our juices don’t undergo high-pressure processing (HPP), they aren’t pasteurized. Pregnant women should never consume unpasteurized milk, cheese or juice because of the risk

Feeling feverish from the release of toxins