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About Our Cold-Pressed

Cold Pressed Juicing is different from our Made To Order Juices! Cold Pressed Juicing is an entirely different process including 2 cold hydraulic plates. These plates apply immense pressure to the pulped produce. This type of juicing creates a long lasting juice (3-5 days in your refrigerator and up to 6 months in your freezer). Using Cold Pressed juices to cleanse the body is the most convenient solution when trying to pack in all the nutrients you need on a daily basis! Our 6-pack day cleanses provides the body with a full days worth of nutrition, while allowing the digestive system to have an incredible vacation from all those processed and contaminated foods! Cleansing is a safe and simple way to bring your inner AND outer health back to life!

an apple drawing

Fruits and Vegetables have a variety of components. Cold-Pressing only uses the best parts of each individual vegetable and fruit! The Soluble fiber, best nutrients & enzymes are taken from the fruit leaving the contaminants, seeds & insoluble fibers behind!

Not juiced, Pressed.

Our cold press machine is a 3 step process

Cold-Pressed Process

Step 1:

Chop and wash fruits & vegetables

Step 2:

Feed Fresh ingredients into hopper to extract pulp into mesh bag

Step 3:

Hydraulic Cold Plates apply immense pressure to mesh bag

Result: A pure pressed juice from the best parts of fruit & vegetables to create an easily digestible and highly nutritious boost!